Darn Us Needy Writers

When people find out I write stories, there are a few reactions I often get:

  1. Oooo, cool! So hard! WOW!
  2. Huh, really?

Never once do they say, “Oh, cool, can I see it?” Those are a rare species.

As writers, especially those of us who aren’t “out there” yet, getting feedback is a beast. It is.

What a beast. Not you, lion.

I mean, we can’t say “READ MY BOOK! READ IT I SAY!” to anyone. Reading someones’ writing means you have to put effort in it.

And, it takes time.

Mostly because writers want to hear what readers thought about the character overall or what their favorite scene was or if they could related to the story or if they would read a sequel if there was one.

We don’t want you to skim it and say, “Yeah, looks good basically” like you might someone’s essay in college. We want you to take the time and read it all the way through.

But we know you don’t have that kind of time…for a story that hasn’t been published.


we don’t ask you to read it unless you ask to read.

And when you forget, we won’t remind you.

We writers who aren’t “out there” yet just hope you don’t have short-term memory loss.


Maybe I’ll have to figure out another way without sounding needy…like whispering into your ear while you sleep and make you think it was all your idea like the mouse did in Dumbo:


“You want to check out her boooooook. You really want to thoroughly read it aaaaaall.”

“I want to…*snore*…read her boooook…read it aaaaall…”

“Thoroughly read it aaaaall and give lots of feedbaaaack…read her booook. Read it…read…” *leaves room quietly*

“Read her book… I’ve got it!” *springs awake* “I need to read her book thoroughly and give feedback! That’s what I need to do!”

If you ever think you’re being possessed by a demon, chill, it’s just me 😛


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