Short Talk and No Necks

I would like to shortly mention, and this is very brief I promise,

that blogging / posting an article everyday has done two things to me:

  1. It made my brain more active in a tired way.
  2. I seem to come up with more to write everyday.
  3. There is no three, I promised this would be brief.
  4. Why am I still writing this list?

All joking aside, yes, I am tired but it a good sort of way. Like a cat sleepy after playing around with a ball of tissue paper. Or the tired feeling you get when you are out on the beach playing in the waves all day long.

Ahhh, the ocean…

I’ve also been schooling myself on Medieval things. There’s so much but it’s oh so interesting. But even after combing through paintings of dukes and knights, I still don’t understand why some of them are drawn with no neck.

Okay, no visible neck. But why do their faces have to look so squished? Surely they didn’t really look like that, right?

“Every painter drew my face like this. And my collar is holding my head in place. Like one of those egg cups. Actually, I am headless and this head is all made of wood.”

Sorry, I got carried away 😛

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