My Crazy Dreams

I once had a dream about a bird taming a jaguar.

Here’s what I remember:

I was in a tree in a bird sanctuary.

I met a little black sparrow (that’s what my dream self realized it was) who was a jaguar tamer.

The bird’s name was Chirpy Bird. He was wearing a little dark blue vest and had cuffs on his sleeves. Kind of like one of those circus ringmasters with the dark blue top hat and everything. I guess you could say he was wearing a tuxedo.

Do you know the ringmaster from “Dumbo”? Chirpy Bird dressed like this but with a blouse that had black buttons and no gloves. He didn’t have pants either but that’s because he’s a bird.

Chirpy Bird hated that I was there because I would wake up the jaguar. (How rude of him!)

The jaguar didn’t have a name but it was in a net on a tree branch. It was sleeping. It was actually more like a black panther but my dream was telling me it was a jaguar.

I can’t remember how it happened but I woke up the jaguar. It was angry. It was growling. At this point, it looked more like a jaguar.


「jaguar in a tree wild」の画像検索結果
A jaguar.

Chirpy Bird angrily went to lasso it’s body with his whip so that the jaguar wouldn’t fall off the tree or escape, one or the other. I think he said something like, “Now you woke up the jaguar and I have to catch it all over again!”

So he lassos the jaguar who is fighting ferociously, growling and clawing. (I don’t think it liked Chirpy Bird all that much.)

In the end, I’m sitting in the tree kind of not really caring if the jaguar gets out or not. Chirpy Bird has one wing on his beak? chin area and is sitting on a branch with his legs crossed looking very annoyed.

In his other wing is the whip from which the jaguar, tangled up in a net (that came out of nowhere), is just suspended and hanging out.

And that was it.



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