Higgy’s Beauty and the Judge

Let’s take a look at this fictional TV show I made up.


The popular television show was created by a fashion guru who calls himself Higgy. It is claimed his real name is something boring normal like Bill Thomas but it hasn’t been confirmed.

The producer, director, and main judge, Higgy is in his fifties but his face is young and he looks like he is forty although he claims to not have gone under the knife.

Think Red Foo minus the sunglasses, the rap, fattened up a bit, and shrunken in height. Higgy is short but always has a lot to say and it’s hard to miss him with that big Afro.

Especially because he changes the color of his afro every season. Right now, it is neon green. Before that, it was a bright yellow.

He’s been married only to models and at the moment is divorced with five children from previous marriages including a set of twins. The children describe him as being, “a sweet tooth that steals our candy at Halloween”. Apart from that, he is a responsible father and would occasionally be absent from the judging table because he is attending his only son’s baseball game.

Beauty and the Judge

Currently, on their 6th season, Beauty and the Judge is a popular fashion beauty show in all of the fictional state of New Sollei near California, USA. It’s also popular in California.

Contestants can be anyone from the age of 20 ~ 29. The only separation of contestants is where they are from. They can be from anywhere within the country as long as they have residency.

They are judged on seasonal preciseness, fashion sense, creativity, and articulacy in explaining their idea. They are given points if they can walk like a proper model. Hair styling is also given a point if it is good.

However, because of the mix of genders, makeup is not given points although it is necessary to have on at least nail polish.


Although the audience is largely just spectators, there have been cases when a contestant who wasn’t getting the votes of the judges got the audience on their side and turned it all around ultimately winning the votes.

There are four rounds

First Judge, Bootcamp, Semi-Final, and Final Judge. Final Judge is also called, Death Round as the final ten contestants must come up with a new idea every week for five weeks while living in the same dormitory.

Each round after First Judge has a different category depending on the season and contestants are expected to match those categories with their fashion.

There have been reports of sabotage┬áoccurring in the dorms. In Season 4, a contestant put a virus in another contestant’s computer. A computer expert saved the computer and tracked down the root of the virus within 24 hours of the report. The contestant responsible had used her own computer. She was arrested.

At the end of Death Round, seven contestants are sent home and three are chosen.

In the end, the winner is chosen from the three final contestants based on the entire performance during the season.

The prize is money, of course. Around a million dollars or so along with a professional photo shoot where the winner is treated like a high-class model. This produces their own photo album which is sold to the market.

Also, there is a ticket for them and any family members to take a trip to Europe luxury style.

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