Space Travel in the Rings

The only sci-fi part of “The Choice of Aurvandil” briefly appears when High Collection police come riding.

Before they could head over to one of the gates, a distinct whistling made her duck instinctively although there was nowhere to hide. A small police ship floated towards one of the gates in the higher levels of the dome near a tower that had no spokes. A platform slipped out from the building, penetrating the dome which wiggled like jelly. Two officers in white and blue uniforms stepped out onto the platform and disappeared inside—the HC police. (Excerpt from “The Choice of Aurvandil” available on Wattpad. copyrightedTheTigerWriter)

That is literally the only part where you see that the Ringed World Elgana might be a little more high-tech than you thought.


In fact, Humans came on spaceships when they came to invade the Ringed World. They brought that technology with them, however, the anthros that lived in the Ringed World were already doing some form of space travel because they didn’t have portals.

Portals only came about after Human invasion.


The only way to get to the Fifth Ring is by space travel from the Fourth Ring. The Fifth Ring is the jail Ring and it is locked meaning by magic. Also, there are no portals attached to it so that criminals can’t escape the Fifth Ring even if they do escape their holding facility.

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Credit: Dave Brenner/University of Michigan School for Environment

Something like the above picture without the little wings in front and with everything painted white. That’s what the High Collection police are flying around in.

Only the High Collection owns space vehicles. No one else owns them and neither are they allowed to. This is to prevent races from attacking each other. If they go through portals, they have to pass by the guards which will ask what their purpose of travel is. Anything suspicious and they will be denied entry.

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