The Legend of the Scepter of Tamido

It was the beginning of time, the dawn of life, from the moment they were born like mortal enemies, Kathula were fighting the Edglings. Neither side saw no end to the war. Kathula wished for it to stop and for Edglings to leave them alone. Edglings wished for it to continue until the last Kathula fell to his knees and bled from his heart.

Such a time of darkness and utter despair, a Cheripian clan Shaman pleaded to the Lunar Goddess to show him the way to peace.

“I will do anything. Whatever it takes to bring peace to my kin, I will even sacrifice my life.”

That night under a starless, moonless, lonely sky, the Cheripian clan Shaman found himself in a dreamland of beauty where stars sparkled in a cave like gems of every kind. It was like he was in the heart of the universe.

It was there he met the Lunar Goddess who was in all beauty and moonlit aura that he averted his eyes out of respect.

“Shaman of the Cheripian, your words have been heard. It has been foreseen Kathula will be destroyed in a year by Edglings. I shall bestow you with the knowledge to craft a scepter which shall protect Kathula against Edglings in anyway you choose.”

The Cheripian Shaman had no words to say as the Lunar Goddess reached out a moonlit paw and touched his Shaman marking. Immediately the knowledge for crafting the scepter flowed into his head along with images of what would be thereafter.

He learned the Edglings were much too powerful, too cunning to fight against, but as long as the Kathula asked for help from other races and came together to unite against the Edglings, could that evil finally be banished to dark and shadow from whence they came.

And so, upon awakening, he gathered all and any able bodies to join him for one last resistance against the Edglings. He told them, too, what the Lunar Goddess had given to him – the ability to foresee what was to come. They believed his every word for the word of the Lunar Goddess was the truth.

The Human race, the Mulatto or Halfhuman race, the Sorcerer race, the Kathula race, all worked day and night gathering the ingredients, forging the staff, etching on ancient designs.

“You must get ingredients from the Edglings as well, Shaman of Cheripian,” the Lunar Goddess said to the Cheripian clan Shaman one night. Her strong words gave him courage to travel to their camp and request the minerals which could only be found in the Ring they occupied.

The King of Edglings complied to providing minerals for the forging of the staff.

“You think this can defeat us? Pathetic,” he spat black liquid near the Cheripian Shaman’s feet.

At last the scepter was ready for the last ingredient, Lunar Magick. It was the magick only Cheripian possessed and all Cheripian young and old and every breathing body concentrated on the core of their powers and then, Lunar Magick sprung forth into the scepter.

As the Cheripian Shaman watched his kin die, he pleaded to the scepter to keep the other clans alive and in anyway it could. At last, he put his own Lunar Magick into the red, burning mixture of his kins’ and a bright red ruby was formed.

Before he died, using the last of his powers, he flew away on the wind and hid the scepter away in the Tamido Mountains. Then, seeing his scepter was safe, he fell down to the ground and burst into stars which floated up to the night sky to join the others – his clan which he loved.

Hearing his wish, the scepter glowed red and yellow and Edglings were sent to the farthest Ring in the world – the Sixth Ring – to live out their lives forever and never harm Kathula again.

But Edglings were cunning and they broke forth from their Ring and the powers of the scepter were countered by their evil. They began to own Kathula and threatened them day by day but never killed yet instilling on Kathula that Edglings could kill any time.

Years passed and these Edglings organized to oppress Kathula were called Saboteurs. Each Kathula family was assigned to be under the threat of a Saboteur. Edglings made sure Kathula could never banish them to the Sixth Ring again.

Only Cheripian with their Lunar Magick and their scepter in the Tamido Mountains could win in a fight against Edglings. But alas, the Scepter of Tamido is forever hidden in the mountains, secluded, and shrouded in a veil of invisibility so, Kathula must forever fear the wrath of the Edglings and the threats of their Saboteurs.

Forest, field, and mountain moor

these are the children of the light

Far away you hear their howl

Don’t worry for it is only a fright


They are the shadows, we are the light

They have long promised us only a fright

Young and old, alive and dead

Fear your Saboteur and hide in your bed


Days that are short, days that are long

Unbothered happiness forever gone

But don’t you cry, and these words are true

For all he does is frighten you



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