We All Do This

We can try and fool ourselves as much as we want but in the end, everyone is looking for a bit of validation.

They say, “Write for your own enjoyment, doesn’t matter what other people think.”

“You do you.”

“Just enjoy yourself. Don’t worry about other’s opinions.”

“You don’t need to be validated to be great. You ARE great.”

tsk, tsk, tsk

Really? Really?

You can argue all you want that you’re writing these blogs of yours because you enjoy them and that’s all that matters.

Sometimes I do just enjoy blogging even though I know very few people will actually read it through from top to bottom.

That was the case for most of my early days of blogging on Blogger (and you can check that out here if you like).

The very fact that a lot of us are here on the web, writing our blogs shows that we want to be validated. Tell me you don’t feel a little bit better when someone “likes” your article? Tell me you don’t feel a little bit better when someone “follows” you (if not on WordPress then Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc).

Don’t lie.

You do feel better, don’t you? Feel a little bit validated? A little bit like, “hey, someone cares.”

Recently, views on this site have been few.


I’m not saying this because I want you to check out my articles. Just a simple observation. So chill ­čÖé

But, I won’t stop you from checking them out, either. I recommend┬áThe Scepter of Tamido┬ápage.

What I┬áam saying, however, is the fact that I feel like I’m not validated these days BECAUSE views are few.

Since when did I start feeling like this?

It’s appalling! The apocalypse is near! End of the world! The end times!

Seriously now.

I’m having to consciously remind myself why I write blogs like this in the first place. It’s because I enjoy blogging, not just because I want validation.

Although, not gonna lie, every time I post an article on this site I look forward to returning the next day to see how many views I got.

But in the end, I have to remind myself, and so do you, “Why do I do the things I’m doing?”

Think of a sports player or a piano player or even a YouTuber. If you are one, you might know that at some point it gets hard, or you’re in a slump, or no one is telling you how great you are and it’s not fun anymore. That’s when you need to take a break, take some time off, and remind yourself why you started doing it in the first place.

Don’t forget how much you enjoy it and don’t forget that’s why you made it your daily life today.

As a closing remark, let me share with you something I recently can’t get out of my head:


ERMAHGERD! Sooo, adorbubble!


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