When a character is unsatisfied with their name

Have you ever wondered whether or not your pet likes the name you gave them?

Whoever named me Yolo, I’m gonna pee in your shoe.

Pets can’t talk so we have no way of knowing.

But characters can!

Well…the author makes them talk but…

you know what I mean!

If my main characters could talk about their names to me, it might look something like this:

Belome (Liaffon): Pinti? What is that? Pity? Or a pint of beer? *chuckles*

Pinti (The Choice of Aurvandil): *grimaces* Well I like my name. But Belome just sounds weird. What’s with the “lome” part? Why “lome”?

Belome: I should know *shrugs* My parents gave me that name or so she says.

Me: I just wanted to have a character with a name using a letter I haven’t used before. Otherwise it’s just another Chris or Trevor.


Sarah (Jewl): But you two are lucky. My name is so normal and boring! It’s as common as Mary or Susan! *whines*


Me: Well that’s because everything else around you is complicated. I didn’t want the reader to forget your name.

Sarah: And they might because “Jewl” is written in first person now :/

Me: Yeah, first person…*looks away sheepishly* that’s going really well…

Eryn (Red, White, or In Between): Knock, knock! *rolls eyes* People keep mistaking me for Erin with an “i”! Never mind the fact I already have to spell it out for people in Underland and Uppland.

Me: But I like your name.

Eryn: I don’t care! *crosses arms*

The Puppeteer (The Puppeteer Series): Then why don’t you change your own name. I did.

Me: No, you didn’t. I said you did. That’s your story that I wrote.

The Puppeteersv8wnThought it was all on my own.

Me: Sorry ’bout that 😛

Eryn: Belome sounds like a name of a pillow company. Very fluffy and weak. *smirks proudly*

Hotel pillows, big pillows, small pillows, pillow pillows, any kind! Call Now at Belome Pillows to win a doge meme pillow.

Pinti: Air. In. *snickers*

Eryn: It’s E. R. Y. N! *throws arms up in air* oh puh-lease! *rolls eyes* Why does everyone get my name wrong?! And I wonder whose fault that is *glares at me*


Come on, simmer down.
And uh, hehe, get back into your stories? Uh, please?

Eryn: *refusing to move* You named me Eryn so everyone can get it wrong and make me lose my temper, didn’t you? Me losing my temper is totally a twisted sort of entertainment, psycho.

Me: *ignores Eryn* Alright, you guys, back into your stories!

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