It just got real!

Some writers write while they are professors, elementary school teachers, students, literary agents, editors, biologists, psychologists, anything, you name it.

Some writers write while they take care of their children, take care of grandparents, babysitting, homeschooling, etc.

Some writers write while they do judo, golfing, swimming, competitive eating, etc. (Not at the same time…oh, you know what I mean.)

Outside the writer (or maybe inside), there’s a whole ‘nother world.


What I do in my world

  • Sleep
  • Eat

C’mon, I’m only human 😛

Seriously now

What do I really do with my time when I’m not writing?

  • Half my time is spent being a grad student.
  • Half of a half is spent being a writer without writing.
  • The rest is doing other hobbies.

But how am I a writer without writing?


Well, every good writer must do some research in world-building. Well, okay, not “must” but most do, most often.


Also, every good writer most often connects with other writers.

I’m on several writer’s groups in Facebook. Recently joined this group and…I’m trying to figure it out.


Every good writer most often also reviews other people’s stories because, I think, it helps to be an objective reader for your own writing. It helps you edit when you have zero money to hire an editor.

I’ve started reviewing people’s first chapters on Wattpad. Why first? Well…

  • I don’t have time for a whole book review. Who am I kidding? I really don’t want to bother with a whole book. Think of how much work that would be! And I’m mainly a writer on Wattpad. As much as I would like to, I just don’t want to bother for me. If I spent my time reviewing a whole other book, where would I have time left for me to write? Selfish? Maybe. But that’s called being human.
  • The second reason I came up with recently is that the first chapter is the most looked-at-to-see-if-story-is-worth-it chapter for literary agents. I can say with 90% confidence that there are ZERO lit agents that say, “Give me your third chapter.” No, most often it’s, “Give me the first five pages” or “Give me the first ten pages” or as ambitious lit agents say, “Give me the first twenty pages”. Give me the first, first, first, no one skips the first chapter, come ON!

So, I’ll look at yours’ and for payment, you look at mine. Deal? Deal 🙂

The Last Bit of Time

is spent doing my other hobbies.

Writing isn’t a hobby?

What’s a hobby?

To me a hobby is something you’re not too serious about. I’m pretty darn serious about writing. Seriously.

  • Sometimes I make photo manips like these.
  • Sometimes I watch YouTube.
  • Sometimes I spend my time on social media.
  • Sometimes I’m bloggin’.

Yeah, hi guys, bloggin’ irl now.

it just got real piff
“It just got real!” says Piff the Magic Dragon. One of my favorite contestants.





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