Heartwarming but For Show?

I’m an only child.

Only-child people unite!

I never thought about wanting a sibling. I never really wondered why I was an only child. Maybe some of you wonder why but it never really crossed my mind.

Despite the fact that most of my friends have siblings.

I haven’t even wondered, what if I was a twin and that my twin was somewhere out there.

Twinsies Reunion

Speaking of twins, I watched a BBC (I think?) clip last night on YouTube of two Chinese women (age 33) who were able to meet their separated-at-birth twin in person for the first time on stage. Amanda and Katey. I’d like to point out the unusual spelling of Katey.

The twins actually knew they had a twin sister beforehand by their parents so it wasn’t like they suddenly found out they had a twin on stage.

They also Skyped in advance so it wasn’t like they were seeing each other for the first time.

Maybe because of that

when the sister (behind the wall) came out and the two of them awkwardly hugged each other  (twice!), I couldn’t help but wonder if this meeting was all just for show. For our entertainment.


They also didn’t seem comfortable at all being on stage and on TV. They probably didn’t realize how much of their story was going to be told and how they might have to put on a show of “long lost sisters finally meet”.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they had actual met in person prior to the show. Makes it harder for them to seem genuine when the cameras are on.

I’ve seen other “reunion on TV”s. They always come out and hug and tears and “I’m so happy!” and all that and it’s good if it looks genuine but the one last night seemed like the sisters were trying a bit too hard.


I have seen some reunion documentaries of long lost siblings or long lost parents meeting children they sent away for adoption. It was a British show called Long Lost Family which you can watch on YouTube.


Like these twin sisters who happened to end up living only a few miles apart, never knowing the other was right there.

One wonders what happens after the happy reunion (which could either be genuine or for show). 

Because, think about it. You are meeting someone you are connected by blood but otherwise they’re a stranger to you. Especially if you never knew your biological parents, you would only consider your adoptive parents as your “real” parents.

Doing it for who?

A girl adopted from China and named Kati reunites with her birth parents in a documentary. Last night I had some kind of thing with Katie-sounding names.

Somehow this story made Chinese TV news.

She was left in a market by her father at just 3 days old. Because in China at the time they had very strict one-child policy and if a second pregnancy was found out, the parents could be fined and forced abortion. Her birth parents left a note to anyone who adopted her saying they would like to meet her at either age ten or age twenty at some reunion bridge.

The documentary followed Kati going to meet and eventually meeting her birth parents and biological sister. I didn’t cry because one, Kati couldn’t understand Chinese so she had no idea what her biological mother was saying (I knew because of the translation on the screen). Two, she seemed awkward. She wasn’t smiling. She looked like she wasn’t really enjoying herself. She even said that she felt she was doing this for her biological parents and not really for herself.

I saw her smile once. In the 20 min segment of meeting her biological parents out of a 47-min vid, only once.

Contentment. Cats show it best.

I can understand though. They were strangers to her. Strangers who still loved her dearly but strangers nonetheless. Kati was happy with her adoptive parents. She wasn’t missing her biological parents at all. Not in a cold way but she was happy and satisfied.

My Questions for You

Do you think reunions on TV could affect the family afterwards?

And, if you are someone who was adopted, would you like to meet your biological parents if they expressed their want to meet you? And related, would you meet them on TV?

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