A Spoonful of Selfishness

So I’ve read my fair share of “how to blog”, “when to blog”, “what to blog”, “why a blog?”

But the big question is, “Why do I blog about this?” not “Why do I have a blog about this?”

Why do I blog about XYZ?

The answer is not “because I wanna teach people” or “because I wanna show them my skills”. Those are secondary reasons.

Every time someone on a Got Talent show comes on and says, “I had a kids, I took care of them, now I wanna do something for myself.” I think it sounds a little selfish, but it sounds nice. It’s time they did something for themselves.

“do something for myself” = “do something that I enjoy”

And this is a literal key.

People can tell if you are enjoying it or not. When you don’t enjoy something and do it anyway, people can tell. I’m repeating myself cuz this is important.

I used to blog about things I thought people would enjoy. But I wasn’t enjoying it at all and you could really tell because the quality of my posts went way down.

I decided to be selfish

Just a bit of selfishness. I will blog about things I want to talk about. This does 3 things:

  1. Makes the article more enjoyable to read because I’m enjoying writing it.
  2. Readers get to know who I am through what I blog about.
  3. We can become best friends! 😀

Okay, the last one is a little…okay, quite a bit exaggerated, but you get my point. We bloggers and writers should not be pressured to write articles we think the masses would enjoy. The masses enjoy reading articles that were written by writers/bloggers who enjoyed writing those articles.

I certainly do.

I enjoy a little bit of “I did something for myself” a.k.a, “I wrote it for my enjoyment”.

Sing it with me:

“Just a spoonful of selfishness makes the writing sound better.

In the most delightful way.”

Now sing it with the robin.


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