A Language for Everyone

In “The Choice of Aurvandil”, there are five races:

Human (Humans – a Wiki)

Halfhuman (Halfhumans – a Wiki)

Kathula (Kathula – a Wiki)

Sorcerer (Sorcerers – a Wiki)

Edgling (Edglings – a Wiki)

Humans Did It

Of course each race has their own language from ancient times, but the Universal Language was brought into the Ringed World Elgana centuries ago when Humans invaded.

Yes, Humans came from Earth, looking for a new place to habitat, and invaded the Ringed World. Sounds like something they (er, we) would do, doesn’t it?

Humans today have the largest population and have been the most dominant race since their arrival. Naturally, through race integration and heavy traveling between Rings the Human language was the one that became the most used.

The most used Human language at that time adapted into a language called the Universal Language which any race can understand and which they learn in school and/or speak at home.

Universal Language

A question you might ask is: Is this English? Because a funny thing, every character in a fantasy story seems to speak English.


My answer: The only reason it’s English is because that’s what I speak. They are not speaking English. It might sound like English sometimes, however. I would like to think it’s a mixture of languages.

And no, it’s not Esperanto.

At the time of the Humans’ invasion, the most dominant languages were English (duh), Hindi, Chinese, Spanish, and a few others.

Related article that isn’t mine: Top 10 Most Spoken Languages in the World (as of 2018)

Effort to Learn?

Because Humans had interactions with most races, those races didn’t have to make too much effort to learn to communicate. Of course, it took a few decades or so, but not too bad and today all races can communicate with each other fluently.

Only Humans and Halfhumans display regional dialect. Southern drawl is one of them. I love Southern drawl.

At the time “The Choice of Aurvandil” takes place, our Pinti (a Kathula) had to make an effort to learn to speak Universal fluently because Kathula had long been isolated and had very little contact with Humans if at all.


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