The Choice of Aurvandil

“The Choice of Aurvandil” is a high-fantasy novel taking place in the World of Elgana. Below is a link to the book on Wattpad. Hope you enjoy 😀 Find the hub of Behind the Scenes HERE

The Choice of Aurvandil typography legal no shadows wish tagline c

READ “The Choice of Aurvandil” on Wattpad

Genre: High-fantasy, adventure, YA


In a secluded part of the world a blue feline race, Kathula, lives under the control of the shapeshifting Edglings. A clan-leader’s daughter, Pinti, tries to avoid her duties and like most, she’s not worried about Edglings until one day, it all changes.

The Edglings brutally attack all Kathula clans. From the words of her dying father, Pinti learns of an ancient, powerful scepter that can save her race and destroy Edglings. Only once in a hundred years a single wish is granted. As the sole survivor of her clan, Pinti wants that wish, but so do the Edglings. They want to kill all Kathula and rule the world.

Pinti or the Edglings, who will get there first?

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