Sorcerers – a Wiki

Sorcerers are a race. They are not something some random person like you or me can aspire to be.

Gasp! We can't?

One can only be a Sorcerer if they have the genetic ability to access the magick that is in the air and have magick in their veins. Children show signs they can use the magick the moment they are born. It shows as sparks in their little baby hands.

Magick also exists in the Sorcerer’s veins making them age slower. Slow aging only happens after the Sorcerer hits puberty and after they develop their Faud.

If you are young, and don’t know what puberty is, ask your parents 🙂

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Just to mention, Sorcerers can have children with no magick abilities (Sorcerer-born Humans/Halfhumans). Humans can have children who are Sorcerers (Human-born Sorcerers).

Sorcerers are called “Sorcerers” if they have the genetic ability to use magick and if they have magick in their veins (which keeps them young looking). Even if their race is Human or Halfhuman, they will take on the race name “Sorcerer” and go live where Sorcerers live.

Otherwise, it would be pretty depressing having to live in a world where you outlive everyone around you.

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– Sorcerers –

Who are they?

Sorcerers are beings that have the genetics to access the magick in the air. They regard themselves as an elite race. A majority of Sorcerers are always trying to achieve an elite status in the world. The way to do that is to become either a Scholar, a Professor, or an Arch (pronounced like ark).

What do they look like?

Sorcerers can be either Human or Halfhuman. They dress in predominately darker cloaks at night and brighter-colored cloaks in the morning. If you ever do get into the Fourth Ring where they live, during the daytime everyone is dressed very colorfully…most of the time.

alley ancient architecture buildings in Edinburgh
The kinds of buildings and pathways in the Fourth Ring's cities.


Fourth Ring: Only Sorcerers occupy this Ring where magick is dense, allowing them to feel stronger. Sorcerers rarely allow visitors of other races into their Ring and, holding themselves in high regards, and may even hurt other races. Discrimination against other races is horrible in the Fourth Ring if you are not a Sorcerer. Kidnapping is all too common, but only of those who had wandered in. Sorcerers are above going into other Rings to kidnap.

Sorcerers will justify themselves claiming aesthetic ethics if they do happen to hurt or kill another race that has wandered into their Ring.

Despite their discrimination against other Races, Sorcerers don’t often discriminate against each other. The only point of divide for Sorcerers would be wealth. Sorcerers are naturally competitive creatures, so even if they might look like they are mean to each other over who is the most powerful, if you ask a Sorcerer, they will actually have zero animosity toward their opponent.

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About what the Fourth Ring looks like, the Fourth Ring is mainly filled with cities of stone and wood. Unoccupied areas include a vast swath of forest on the south side and a large lake in the north.

One interesting part about the Fourth Ring, is this chunk of land that has been broken off, yet is still livable and Sorcerers have made a city out of it. It’s nearly suspended in space between the Fourth and the Fifth Rings.

It is the Fourth Ring that the last portal (the Edge Portal) connecting Rings exists and is usually heavily guarded by Sorcerers of the High Collection police.

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Male, female, neutral, gender fluid, and anything in between


Sorcerers have different ranks depending on the level of magick they can perform. These ranks are received from High Collection Sorcerer representative, and those other Sorcerers working in the High Collection. They, together with some renowned teachers in academies, grant such ranks.

School RanksApprentice, Junior, Scholar

After Graduation Ranks: Professor, Arch

Scholar: Sorcerers who graduate at scholar will often go out to get normal jobs while maintaining “magick health” through activities.

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Professor: Usually most Sorcerers will stop at Scholar or Professor. However, there is another rank called Arch but only a small number can reach that rank as it can take up to a hundred years to get there.

Arch: Pronounced as “ark”. Currently, there are three Archs. There were four, but one has retired. Yes, Arch is a title and a job which they get paid through taxes on citizens.

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You probably noticed but I just said it takes up to a hundred years for Professors to become Archs.

How the frickin’ long do these guys live?

Five-hundred and eighty-six was the eldest Sorcerer to ever live.


Typically, they live to be in the three or four hundreds. This is partially because two centuries into the creation of the world, Humans came to Elgana and this created the first Sorcerers. No Sorcerer could have been born prior to that. Also, a Sorcerer’s magick keeps them alive longer. If you take the magick from the Sorcerer, age will catch up rapidly and they may die depending on how old they were and how strong their magick was.

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Previously: Mainly Runic Tongue and early Universal language.

Currently: Universal language (with some dialect differences)

Runic Tongue, is the old, spell-casting language and the magick created using Runic Tongue is often called runic magick (how creative! I know). The individual letters (called runes) were like stand-alone words. Sorcerers used to learn Runic Tongue and then learn how to mesh together different runic symbols and make a whole new rune with a new meaning basically creating new spells.

But for a Sorcerer to use Runic Tongue commonly had its downsides. Runic Tongue could only be used if the Sorcerer had considerably good control over their magick. The Sorcerer had to know all the ins and outs of magick, and be able to create their own spells with minimal effort.

When Sorcerers discovered that Universal language works just as well, you bet they switched over. Most Sorcerers of the modern era use Universal language to cast spells. Today, even in school, Runic Tongue is gone. If you want to learn it, you are on your own. Even Sorcerers who are ancient enough to remember Runic Tongue have “unlearned” it. After not using it for so long, they don’t remember how to use most of it.

Nowadays, Runic Tongue is seen as an eccentric language and those who know it, are a tiny bit weird, or rather, everyone thinks they must be 😛 But it is those Sorcerers that others go to for help if they discover some old spell made with runic magick and need to figure out what it is or have it deactivated. So, the weirds get a chance to shine sometimes.

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