Humans – a Wiki

Here are some things you need to know about Humans in the World of Elgana:

Humans are just like us living in a society similar to our own. Since “Human” is a race, any ethnicity that we know of (American, Mexican, Japanese, Swedish, anything) is called a “specie”. This is in no way a discriminating word. It’s quite normal and accepted.

The Human race dominates all other races in terms of population (for more info on races in the World of Elgana, click here), has a superiority complex, and has a mix of sophisticated and post-apocalyptic-type gangster.

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– Humans –


First Ring: The most modern Ring in terms of technological advancement. The First Ring is the innermost Ring and the center of the Ring is a black void. No space probes gone in have ever come out and their signals have been lost.

There’s so much speculation on what the heck the hole is. Some scientists say that it’s a new kind of black hole. Others say that it’s some dark matter that keep Elgana from collapsing. But whatever it is, the closer you are to it, time distortion can make you go insane, and you might be dragged into it.

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While there are walled-in modern cities with glass skyscrapers and near-ancient cities with tall Gothic towers, there are also a lot of deserts and Humans will inhabit anywhere. Just like the dust under your bed 😛

Desert Isles legal c.jpg
The city building is a picture I cut out. It’s an oasis town in Morocco. The First Ring’s Desert Isles’ buildings are largely inspired by Morocco.

Desert Isles have pockets of civilization inhabiting them. Each pocket is a city. The domes are to keep the dust out and protect people from sandstorms that can come at night. The domes have tiny holes on top to let in air.

There is a heck of a lot of integration going on in the First Ring with Humans and Halfhumans living here. Although Halfhumans predominately live in the Second Ring, many of them you will also see here in the First Ring.


No smartphones. They have other better things to play with 😉


The Universal language, sign language, and Braille. Humans also have a bunch of dialects.


Any gender.

Important thing to note here is the idea of gender is different from our typical understanding. Male and female are words to describe someone just like you might with skin tone. A separate article below for this to explain the understanding of gender in the world of Elgana, but in a nutshell, sexual orientation and gender are two separate things. Gender is just what you were assigned with at birth and what you might call someone if you see them for the first time, based on stereotypical understandings. If they look male, you might call them male. If they correct you and say they are gender fluid, you will ask their pronouns.

Think of Elgana as a world that has advanced in their understanding of gender and sexuality.

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Anything we eat today in our world, they eat. Although, some fast food is different.


Humans live under a democracy. They believe they have achieved a flawless government but I’m not so certain about that 😛


Humans can, at times, birth a Human that can use magick like Sorcerers. It is like a recessive gene.

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Apart from that exception, Humans have no magical powers. However, despite being in the smallest, innermost Ring, Humans have a huge population which gives them power over others. There are just too many Humans.

The sheer number of them was the reason some of them had to leave Earth in search for another planet to occupy. That happened a LONG time ago from the events that take place in “The Choice of Aurvandil”.

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Human Skin Tones

Humans occupied Elgana hundreds of years ago, so the Humans born in Elgana have a completely different idea of what race and specie are. It’s not about skin tones anymore. Humans live in a world filled with non-Humans, so discriminating against others because of skin tone started to make no sense.

At the time of occupation, Humans were the outliers. To anthropomorphics, Humans were the weird ones no matter their skin tone because they only had skin. Anthropomorphics would initially make fun of Humans for having no scales or fur.

Touché, am I right? 😛

In Elgana, the only discriminatory comments among Humans would be about wealth and education. Saying someone is poor or stupid, basically. During political divides, there are, of course, discriminations based on politics and what an individual believes in.

Today, Humans are typically darker and the lighter or whiter skin tones have a bit of a bad reputation but not enough to cause any discrimination. At least not in a large scale.

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