Halfhuman Race: What kinds are there?

Halfhumans are those with some anthro (humanoid animal) parts (often head, hands, feet, or a tail) and some human parts. They aren’t exactly half. Sometimes they might only have a small portion of Human such as just their arms are Human skin showing.

In the Halfhuman race, there are four different species:

  • Fellissian (fe-LISS-ee-an)
  • Canessian (ka-NESS-ee-an)
  • Reptilen (REP-tilen) “ti” as in “tickle”
  • Asaves (ah-SAH-vess)

Each specie also has several sub-species.


Derived from “feliformia” which means “cat-like carnivorans”. (Wiki: Feliformia)


Tiigla -Tiger parts

Ropardia – Leopard parts

Velecka – Black panther parts

Leovra – Lion parts


The “Wolf Children” by Mamoru Hosoda would be considered a form of Halfhuman. They would be the Canessian specie, and the Haundai sub-specie.

Derived from “caniformia which means “dog-like carnivorans”. (Wiki: Caniformia)

Kraitai – Polar bear parts

Gerfai – Grizzly bear parts

Sarvai – Fox parts

Haundai – Dog parts



Derived from the word “reptile“. Reptilen was a name the Human race gave to this species. The species themselves don’t have a defining name while they do have defining sub-specie names.

Gaetalin – Alligator or Crocodile parts

Frodgin – Frog parts

Lizlerrin – Lizard parts



Derived from the word “aves” which is the biological classification of birds in the Linnaean Taxonomy (I just sounded extremely educated thanks to Wikipedia.)

Asaves are Halfhumans with bird parts such as beaks, feathers, talons, and tail feathers. It is rare to see a full bird head because the bird anthro genes are extremely weak to Human genes. They do not have sub-specie names as there is not much distinction between Asaves.

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You might notice that

not all types of animals appear as a part of a Halfhuman. That’s because their anthropomorphic counterparts have either just not existed in this world or became extinct before and/or after Human occupation of Elgana.

Horses, for example, or any kind of ungulate for that matter did not exist as anthropomorphic creatures in this world. But they do exist as normal animals. So there are no Centaurs or Minotaurs in this world.

An ungulate is an animal with hooves. So like deer or antelope will be ungulates. I know this without Wikipedia but here’s for your reference 🙂 Wikipedia: Ungulate. And also Oxford Dictionaries: Ungulate.

Other types of anthros that didn’t exist are: chickens, insects, spiders, centipedes, fish, snakes, any ocean creature, seals, otters, sloths, walruses, monkeys, coyotes, pumas, koalas, kangaroos, etc…well, if you see the list of what sub-species there are, you can tell the anthro types that may have not existed. It’s a pretty long list.

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