Blind, Autistic, Musical Savant – Jesse

Note: I was watching YouTube one day on the SBSK channel about a couple who adopted six blind kids (who are all so sweet). I then found one of their videos and learned that one of the kids, Jesse, is autistic among others but with some savant traits, particularly in music. Apparently, she has 50-80 songs in her head.

This poem just came to me after hearing her story. People rarely inspire me to write poems, but for some reason, Jesse did.

SixBlindKids can be found on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, their own website, and their own YouTube channel and I hope you can check them out.

This poem might be a little cheesy, but I hope it reaches SixBlindKids and I hope they will enjoy it.

Titled, “Blind, Autistic, Musical Savant – Jesse”


She is trapped inside her brain,

while a track with eighty songs,

courses through her veins.


They are her colors, her hugs,

they kiss her cheeks with love,

and when she sings, she becomes one

with the music in her veins.


She was trapped inside her brain,

now she’s finally found her wings,

and soon songs of a thousand,

she will one day sing.




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