Who is Celeste Gilmore?

Celeste Gilmore. Ain’t ringing a bell? That’s probably because you haven’t read Red, White, or In Between (RWIB). She’s the first thing before main character Eryn Kingsly that you hear when you open the book.

She is, what many would probably call, a textbook stereotypical popular girl featured in every teen movie possible.

She’s the flaunting, clever, sneaky, bully, pretentious, fashion-loving, boy-adoring, rich, long-haired, popular girl. But there’s more to her than that.

You might recognize her last name: Gilmore.

Gilmore Girls was a TV show that lasted from 2000-2007. I only knew the name “Gilmore Girls” but not what the show is about. In all honesty I thought it was a Disney teen show about two popular girls and their daily dramas. I decided to give Celeste that name because I thought it was well-known and people would recognize it.

I wanted her to be memorable but not obscure.

The book itself only features Celeste in the first chapter as Eryn’s best friend. She seems like a stuck-up popular girl but when it comes to her best friend, she seems quite caring. Celeste’s name makes several appearances in Eryn’s thoughts while the main character is lost in a crazy world but overall, we don’t get to know much about Celeste.


who is Celeste Gilmore?

Name: Celeste Vivienne Gilmore

Age: 17

Era: 2013

Born: In the fictional state of New Sollei near California, USA

Lives with: Mom (web designer), Dad (Literature professor at Fieldmoor East University)

Attends: (fictional high school) Fieldmoor High

Personality: confident, creative, loyal friend to Eryn, and sometimes calls herself a “poetess” and can be philosophical (an influence from her dad). There’s a small part of her that realizes she can be quite a “bee” sometimes but she owns it. “Bee” is her and Eryn’s kid-friendly made-up word for “b***h”.

Skin: White but not too pale

Eyes: Chocolate brown (according to Celeste herself)

Height: Average height for an American girl

Hair Color: Black


Image result for long black wavy hair celebrity
Resembles this hairstyle of Vanessa Hudgens.


Favorite Food of all time: Berry Tarts – especially those with blackberries in them.

Image result for blackberry tart
Despite being the beauty queen that she is, Celeste has a sweet tooth and can’t help herself sometimes.


Hated Food of all time: mushrooms and peas

Fan of: Higgy’s Beauty and the Judge , the song “Roar” by Katy Perry, the song “Diamonds” by Rihanna. Films: Warm Bodies, 12 Years a Slave, The Great Gatsby

(I literally looked up “popular songs in 2013” and “popular movies in 2013” for this.)

Favorite Word: “exactimaleena” A word she made up when she wants to emphasize more than “exactly”.

Type of Guy: Celeste likes sporty guys with muscle and a bit of stubble on their chin or if no stubble, just generally manly. She likes guys that are willing to take care of her but at times willing to be her puppy dog.

Status at School: Popular along with her best friend Eryn.

Fashion Style: Urban (often washed jeans or jean dresses), Minimal (no fancy designs), Matching (coordination is key). Cowgirl boots, a little purple dress with pockets, and a simple white cardigan is another common style for Celeste.

Ears Pierced? : Yes, both sides. She wears small golden earrings.

Makeup? : She loves eyeliner and eye shadow and spends time with a mirror and YouTube to perfect fancy techniques. She loves playing with color when it comes to makeup. Since Fieldmoor High has makeup restrictions, she would often choose between a colorful lip or colorful eye makeup. Favorite shade is shimmery navy blue playing on her name which comes from the word “celestial”.

Currently Into: Fashion of course.

(well, besides fashion) Currently Into: Makeup. Already talked about that though.

Pets: Has two cats, Gina (a ten-year-old white Angora) and Vivi (a ten-year-old white Angora with a bit of brown in her tail). Gina and Vivi are kitten-litter sisters.

Related image
Angora cat. This is Gina. She has won third place in a cat show in New Sollei in 2008.

Favorite Animals: cats, llamas, ferrets, owls, salamanders (wants to have two fire salamanders of her own in the future)

Hobbies: planning parties for other kids in her school along with her best friend Eryn, is learning how to play the harp just so she can say she plays the harp if she is ever interviewed for a fashion magazine, shopping, keeping pretty (morning and night skin care regime along with a specific showering method), perfecting the art of makeup

One Interesting Thing About Celeste: She has her own YouTube channel under the name “KatInBoxes” where she posted videos of her cats in boxes in various situations and locations. Has fifty subscribers. Discontinued it recently to focus more on makeup. Only best friend Eryn knows that KatInBoxes is Celeste.


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