Army Ranks of Edglings (Shaa)

Edglings (who call themselves the Shaa) live in the Sixth Ring. It is the outermost Ring and they have lived here since the dawn of time.

Before we get into ranks, here are some things you need to know about Edglings.

Edglings (Shaa) legal c


cannot function without rules, orders, or guidelines (such as prophecies). Just like you can’t live without food, Edglings can’t live without order and structure.

who don’t have soul magic don’t ever aspire to be anything. All they can do is become stronger because it is a rule.

with soul magic are stronger than those without.

SOUL MAGIC: a particular type of magic that comes from the soul and it also helps Edglings express individuality. An Edgling will often morph into a mixture of various creatures depending on their personality.

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view expressing individuality as a privilege not as something that represents freedom of self expression because they are all born looking the same.


About the King & Army Ranks

King of the Shaa

The King is at the top. He (or she or it) automatically has the privilege to access soul magic. He can also grant privilege to other Edglings if he so pleases.

Army of the Shaa / The Privileges


Number: 3

The General is the second important to the King. He has the privilege to access soul magic. He is appointed by the King from the pool of Lieutenant Colonels. He must listen to the King’s every word and follow the King whatever those orders may be. Even if those orders go against the General’s ideas. However, he is allowed to present his ideas to the King which the King may or may not consider.

Lieutenant Colonel

Number: 15

The next in the ranks of importance is the Lieutenant Colonel. He has the privilege to access soul magic. He is appointed by the General from the pool of Colonels. While he can present his individual ideas to the General, he is not allowed to do so to the King. It is considered disrespectful.


Number: 50

The third in the ranks of importance is the Colonel. He has the privilege to access soul magic. The General together with the Lieutenant Colonel choose Shaavigs to be Colonels after putting them through battles and trials.

For a Shaavig to be a Colonel, he must have at least four years of battle experience. He must follow the orders of the Lieutenant Colonel, the General, and the King and cannot present his individual ideas to anyone although he can have them inside his head.


Number: 10,000 or more

The last in the ranks of importance are the Shaavigs. If the Lieutenant Colonel and General see a Shaavig as worthy, they can put them through trials and present the results to the King. If the King approves, that Shaavig can then gain the privilege to access soul magic. Otherwise, Shaavigs are “throw-aways” meaning that, as brutal and cruel as it sounds, they are those that can be killed.

No one will miss them particularly.


you might have noticed that I keep saying “he” for my explanations. That’s only because the main Edgling in my story is a “he”. There are, of course female and genderless Edglings in the Army.


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