Capture Wild

Note: Best read out loud. I imagined taking a photo of a wild horse although I have never seen one before. Probably one of my favorite poems I have written so far.

Capture Wild legal cover

The wild in your eye.

Like a kind of electricity,

It shocks me when I see it,

The wild in your eye.

I look around the landscape,

It is your home, this grassfield.

The tall green grass hides your strong legs.

The grasses sway in the breeze and makes you more still.

I take a step forward.

You look toward me, alarmed.

Leaves crackle under my feet.

Oh, the wild in your eye!


Your black mane billows behind you,

Like a superhero’s cape.

You fly through the grassfield without moving.

Your muscles ripple and it’s like,

I am seeing you run in a still frame.

I breathe in the scent of fresh grass,

And the scent of water trapped in the soil beneath.

Your hooves dig into the ground.

You are ready to flee.

But oh!

The wild in your eye.

I know I have one chance.

I see your nostrils flare.

My heart pounds and I feel yours’.

Electricity sparks between us.

All around is quiet –

Every branch, every root,

Every insect, every grain of soil,

They feel the anticipation.


I slowly adjust the lens and focus on your frame.

Brown muscles jerk and my heart stops.

I look up to see your ears perked.

You stare me down with your wild eyes,

My tamed ones whimper under your gaze.


I snap the camera.


the sound instantly startles you,

you take off,


disappear with the wind,

the grass ripples,

the soil jumps,

you run,

my heart pounds heavily,

I feel my breath ragged against my chest,

I see your silky brown tail through the trees,

branches rustle,

birds unsettled fly in terror,

the wild is awakened,

I stare into the forest,

but you are gone.


The photo in my camera,

I’m almost afraid to look.

But there you are,

Standing, alarmed, alert,

Standing, staring with the wild in your eye.

Oh, the wild in your eye!




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