I made Brownies today!

Note: I wrote this poem about 10 years ago. It was right after I had made brownies for the first time and the experience inspired a poem in me 🙂


I made brownies today legal cover


As I stirred the mixture,

of the evil concoction,

I imagined them done and perfect,

shining and,




I made Brownies today!


As I added the magic powder of cocoa,


It smelled juicy and…chocolate.

I mixed and mashed the heavy mixture.

Chocolate scent filled my nostrils,

so powerful that I had to stand back.


I made Brownies today!


As I spread the thick mixture of chocolate into the pan,

I knew my potion was almost done.

Into the oven to bake.




Time ticks…3…2…1…


It’s done!

I hurry over and carefully take the hot tray out…



I made Brownies today!


All brown and crusty,

soft and sweet.

Delicious evil chocolate potion.




copyrighted 2018 The Tiger Writer

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