Standing Still

Standing StillIt wasn’t the sea,

that spoke softly and kindly

to me. But,

it was the sand under my feet,

the pull of gravity,

that spoke of seashells

crushed and mixed,

in the grains that knew of



In my body I feel.


It wasn’t the wind,

that whispered in different tones,

that echoed in my bones. But,

it was the still air,

all around in silence,

that told me of things I thought

didn’t exist.

It even warned me of

the moment before lightening,

and the eerie still after thunder.


In my body I feel.


It wasn’t the earth,

rumbling beneath my feet. But,

it was the eternal echo of time,

that hummed its ancient tune,

and sent the codes

up through the earth’s core,

and into the life of my heart.


In my body I feel.

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