Like a Fluorescent Light

Through the curtain

of the room,

came a certain light

I could not place.


It was alien to me.

I was not familiar with its

blueish glow.


I thought the neighbors had

fluorescent lights on but,

it wasn’t that.


I thought some streetlights

shone into my room

when they hadn’t all week.


But that was absurd.


And then it clicked, suddenly I knew

that tonight was a full moon,

if I wasn’t mistaken and

a full moon often shines so brightly,

that it fools me and I think it is

something else like a fluorescent light.


I open my curtains and in blasts

the strange blueish light.

But it’s not a stranger anymore

for right there, peeking into my room,

is the moon

fuller than me at Thanksgiving.


It’s so bright that it even

created shadows in my room,

something I thought only the sun could do.

And any electricity,

or any balls of gas in outer space.


I dance in the blueish light watching,

perplexed, how something that was only

reflecting the sun,

could make enough light to create

shadows on my floor.


There’s no warmth from this light.

It’s like it’s invisible.

Maybe it doesn’t really exist?

Maybe it is all an illusion…


Even though the color is different,

and though it doesn’t fill the sky,

I still need to close my curtains because

it still bothers me

when I need to sleep.

And who can sleep when

the moon is shining its fluorescent lights

in your face?

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