A rant of I forgot

Sometimes, we forget

something we…


Sometimes, we forget

important things

to tell people.

We search into the nethers

of our large complex brains,

looking for the thing we forgot.


But, we have no clues.

No idea what it is we forgot.

We had it,


in our mouths as,

word-vomit-ready words.

But, something went wrong.

A circuit exploded or,

maybe a UFO abducted that

one important thing

we HAD to say.


maybe it hitch-hiked on

a truck carrying

arbor down the road,

running away because,

we were not worthy of it.


Sometimes we forget

something we…


It bothers us.

We HAVE TO remember.

But the little mischief,

little devil—let’s be honest—

stays hidden.


(copyrighted 2018 The Tiger Writer)

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