Name Origin of “Uléqua”

I don’t know if authors ever reveal how they came up with a fantasy-esque name. But I hope you find this interesting and maybe, maybe even helpful for your own writing 🙂

Here’s how I came up with “Uléqua” in The Puppeteer Series.

From “Europe”. Since the country is given an overall England / European feel, I wanted the name to come from “Europe.” So…




Eurasia and Europa = Orpa

Added a “que” at the end because I wanted to.

Orpaque (I didn’t like it still because it sounded like “opaque”)


Orapqu (Now it just sounds silly :/ )

Bringing back the “eu” and add an “l” because I wanted to.



Finally, add some fancy stuff and now we have Uléqua.

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